Esancy present their latest single “Dive” – An electronic oasis between energy and relaxation

Luxembourg, April 19th, 2024 – ESANCY, a pop music project from Luxembourg, combining the musical talents of Cynthia Knoch and Sacha Heck, invites listeners on a new sonic journey with their latest single “Dive”. The single, which is set to be released on April 19, is a captivating blend of energetic dance vibes and relaxing elements, inviting listeners to embark on a journey.

“Dive” is a genre-blending composition that fuses elements of electronic music with pop stylistics. The track offers a multifaceted sonic landscape dominated by synth sounds and spherical pads, while Cynthia’s soft vocals create an atmosphere of lightness and escapism from everyday life. Carried by pulsating beats, a hypnotic rhythm emerges, inviting teh listener to sway along. Effects such as reverb and delay, along with a sensitive piano, add depth and emotion to the track.

“Dive” explores the longing to break free from the mundane as the listener surrenders to the rhythm of the music and swings to a higher frequency. It’s an invitation to let go and dive into the world of dreams and music.

This release not only marks a new chapter for Esancy but also a significant artistic collaboration. “Dive” is the first single to be produced in collaboration with the talented producer and graduate of the Mannheim Pop Music Academy, Christoph Oswald. This creative alliance has resulted in a song that showcases the duo’s versatility and potential.

Esancy caught the attention of listeners last year with their first two singles and their pop sound. But with ‘Dive’, they present a new sound that gives an even deeper insight into their creative diversity.

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