New Pop Music project from Luxembourg

ESANCY is a new music project from Luxembourg, featuring the musical talents of Cynthia Knoch and Sacha Heck. The two have known each other for more than two decades and their passion for music is finally coming to fruition with their debut single “MOVE”, produced in collaboration with Tom Gatti at Unison Studios.

The name ESANCY is a play on words, combining the initials of Sacha and Cynthia’s names (S an(d) C). Music is a big part of their lives and their debut single, “MOVE” is no exception. The catchy pop track shall lift the spirits and spread joy to all who listen to it.

On 7th July 2023, the 2nd single “Summerbreezes” has been released, a joyful pop song with summervibes all around.

Sacha Heck began playing rock-pop keyboards in 1986, later moving on to the piano and then to jazz, which opened up a new dimension of creativity. He had his first band experiences in the 90s with the bands “Azreal” and “First-H” as well as with the hip hop group “The Gentles”. Around 2008, Sacha played with the rock band “Madcrow” and his funk-nu-jazz project “Quintasy” before switching instruments to play electric bass. Since then, he can be seen and heard playing the bass in bands like “Strysles” (until 2019), his rock band “Go By Brooks” or lately again on the piano with singer, composer and pianist Marc Welter.

Cynthia Knoch is a dedicated singer and composer with a Master of Music degree. With a versatile voice, she feels at home in countless styles, be it musical, classical, pop, chanson, contemporary music or even metal. Cynthia has toured the world with André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, performing many roles in opera, musical and theatre productions. She is currently dedicated to her own ensemble “Lola Marie & Les Chats Noirs”, an international salon orchestra, and “Les Galants”, a contemporary duo with bayanist Foppe Jacobi.